A Journey of Faith

Many journeys start with the conception of a vision.  Visions can develop from different sources.  However, the journey I share with you today is a journey of faith.  It started with a vision for Elder George A. Miller, which was to plant a church in his hometown of Louisville, Mississippi, targeting the “Un-churched.”  And that vision came to him from God.  So it was in July of 2008, Elder Miller obtained approval from Bishop Joseph R. Campbell, presiding bishop of the South Central Diocese to start this process.

God also led Elder and Sis. Miller to start a mentoring and tutoring program called “Project Leap,” an acronym for Learning, Educational and Achievement Program for at risk students in communities within Winston County and is now a 501C3 Non-profit organization.  Their recruitment efforts allowed them to work with 8 youths from the community which soon grew to 13.  Approximately two months later, the Millers started a Bible Class in which 4 parents of the youth joined.  The group initially met in a Daycare facility and later moved the meetings to Louisville City Hall.   However, later in the year, Elder Miller obtained the lease of a facility at 323 S. Jones Avenue at which time a major campaign of evangelistic works began in the community and 25 people were recruited and added to the group.  Through other Evangelistic efforts such as door to door campaigns and newspaper articles, the “Church of Christ Holiness” doctrine was introduced to the Louisville community.  The new church plant became a reality and was opened for services on December 14, 2008 under the name of Faith Tabernacle Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A.  Bishop Joseph Campbell was the guest speaker and was joined by over 120 other supporters from Jackson, Starkville, and Louisville, Mississippi.  Since the opening of the church, services are held every Sunday morning and Discipleship Training is held every Wednesday evening.

Elder Miller adamantly spoke about his desire to serve the community so without hesitation, in the summer of 2009, Faith Tabernacle partnered with the USDA and served as an official feeding sight for children from ages 1 to 18 years.  Through this program, more than 50 children received at least one hot meal on a daily basis.  Some children came from day care facilities in the area and others were picked up by Faith Tabernacle members who volunteered their time to the project.  Also in 2009, Faith Tabernacle began its first clothes ministry and gave away clothes and shoes to many families in this community.  Additional outreach efforts included a radio broadcast called, “Know the Word” which is aired on 96.7 FM out of Noxapater, Mississippi and Door to Door Street ministries. 

On November 29, 2009, Bishop Joseph R. Campbell and the South Central Diocese officially launched Faith Tabernacle as a church under the administration of South Central Diocese Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.  What a year of blessings!   

Other Historical Events for Faith Tabernacle includes:

A Healing and Deliverance Crusade on May 9, 2009 that included Missionaries that travel all over the world, healing and delivering the Word of God to Countries that have a history of serving idols and converting them to Christianity.

First Annual Church Picnic:  Sat., July 18, 2009 organized by Sis Patricia Dempsey & Sis Melissa Savior.

The first Communion service was conducted on September 6, 2009 as well as the Licensing of the Associate Minister, Minister Alonzo Miller.

First Baptism took place Sept 20, 2009. 

The first Deacon was ordained on May 30, 2010, which was Deacon Lee Otis Mays.

On August 11-13, 2010, Faith Tabernacle hosted an Evangelistic Crusade with Nat’l Evangelist Elder Benjamin Winn out of Chicago, Illinois.

The Angel Food Ministries was launched on September 16, 2010.

To this date Faith Tabernacle have 97 members on the roll and have baptized 29 members.

As we look back, we recognize the fact that God has been good to Faith Tabernacle and has blessed the church in a mighty way, even allowing the church to bless others.  It was God who gave the vision and God is the one who gives the increase.  Even though this journey is a journey of Faith, it has not been easy.  We appreciate the struggles, because they are reminders that we can’t do anything without Him, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  Things did not just happen; it took a lot of prayers and a lot of patience.  We started out leasing this building, now we are buying it along with the property next door. We started out picking up members in 2, then 4 personal vehicles.  Now God has blessed us with a Church Van.  Our Sunday School has grown from 2 classes to 3 classes and our attendance set a record high in November of this year with 40 in attendance.  We are averaging between 22 & 28 people in our Sunday school classes each Sunday morning.  People are not just attending, they are being taught the Word of God.  Most of our youth had never attended church services before, now they all own their own bibles and  progressed to taking first place at the District Bible Bowl competition in 2010.  Look at where God has brought us from.  We are so grateful to God because He has brought us from a long way.  We will continue to place our trust in Him because He has been so faithful to us.  Faith Tabernacle Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., “A Place Where Faith and Family Meets.”

Faith Tabernacle Church

355 Pontotoc Street,
Louisville, MS 39339

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